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1000 Fremont Ave, Suite 155, Los Altos, CA 94024.

We value our patients' experience at Loyola Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Peter Fysh, Dr. Amber Bollman and  Dr. Travis Martin
Your Los Altos Chiropractors


Dr. Fysh specializes in pediatric chiropractics.  We were referred to him to treat our young son who suffered from the affects of a vascular condition causing a length discrepancy in his legs.  The limb length discrepancy was causing pain in his feet due to a rotation of his pelvis/overcompensation on one side.

We first took our son to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who xrayed his limbs and determined while the difference in length was significant, time would tell if it would increase and if invasive surgery would be needed.  They offered no help or solutions to the pain my son endured - nightly for weeks he'd wake up screaming.

We didn't expect much before visiting Dr. Fysh.  We turned to chiropractics as a holistic alternative - if left untreated, the condition could affect his back and cause additional problems as he got older.

Dr. Fysh's office is low key and modest which we like - big, fancy offices make me skeptical on where my money is being spent!  His office staff is wonderfully nice and warm.  Dr. Fysh himself is patient and genuine and obviously loves working with kids.  And literally, wrote the book on pediatric chiropractics.

Dr. Fysh explained our son's problems to us in detail including his plan for adjustments, what to expect etc.  Our son had his first pain free night after his first adjustment.  It has been a few months now and my son has only had a couple of painful nights (all being the day or two before an appointment thus going about 2 weeks between adjustments).  He also fell ill with the flu and had pain in his ears which were greatly inflamed.  Our pediatrician told us there wasn't much to be done to avoid an ear infection...Dr. Fysh identified the problem and my son's ears cleared up by his next appointment.

Our son is now on a monthly adjustment schedule and has a small lift in his shoe to help correct the length discrepancy which Dr. Fysh noticeably reduced from 2 inches to under 1 inch.  

We are very happy with our experience with Dr. Fysh as he not only helped with our son's condition but unexpectedly has offered solutions to other problems.  This is a proactive step to ensure your kids' health and it is priceless.

Jenn V.


We are so thankful that Dr. Bollman was willing to see our son. He started taking his first steps the same day as his first treatment.

We're so glad to have found such a wonderful chiropractic office!



I highly recommend Dr Travis Martin at Loyola Chiropractic in Los Altos. He is an expert with athletes!  Dr Martin addresses my problem areas (shoulders, elbows, back) and keeps me functioning for my work and working out with cross fit.  He is continuously tracking my progress, and is an expert with rehab, and stretching for my problem areas.  Dr Martin understands how important my fitness is to me and he helps me work with my body to continue to improve my performance and stay in the game. He clearly describes why and what is causing my issues, and not only does he fix my problems but he also designs rehab programs and other exercises to help me strengthen and repair the tissues. Dr Martin is the best!

 Corinne  A.  


It is practically impossible to find a professional doctor who provides pediatric chiropractic care. Actually it is impossible, since orthopedists and pediatricians like to say "it will pass by itself with the age" about children's feet and therefore, walking problems. Guess what? It does not! And I have at least few instances for that.
After another "the problem will pass by itself" I lost it...

I am thanking God I found Dr. Fysh!
Dr. Fysh and Dr. Bollman are great professionals. Very knowledgeable, very friendly, very patient, truly child-oriented people. My little son, who cries non-stop while visiting his pediatrician, had a great time with Dr. Bollman and Dr. Fysh. Dr. Bollman is amazing! I was prepared for the crying and was actually pretty nervous before the visit, but I was wrong! He played and enjoyed his time there.
Such kind people - no pressure, gentle and friendly approach to the kid... and to his totally speechless mother, for that matter :)

Dr. Fysh is a true professional. I am not sure what else can I add - make your research and you will find lots of information about Dr. Fysh and his work. His reputation does not need any other words.

Thank you, Dr. Fysh and Dr. Bollman for your knowledge, professionalism and kindness.



I first started seeing Dr. Bollman after I had a concussion that kept me out of school and sports for months.  Seeing Dr. Bollman allowed me to quickly recover and get back to school and sports with no residual side effects.  Before a sprained ankle or wrist would keep me out of sports for a significant amount of time, now with the help of Dr. Bollman it means only a few days.  I now believe that chiropractic care is essential for all kids and athletes.  This office is very unique and she is great at explaining where my problem is coming from along with explaining what needs to be done to fix the problem.  

Toby F.


I am an avid golfer who developed elbow tendonitis.  I had tried a couple of different therapies to relieve my pain but it was not until I started seeing Dr. Martin that I began to feel real improvement.  He used several different methods to address the issue from soft tissue work on the irritated tendons to cold laser to adjusting the elbow joint.  This series of treatments allowed me to heal naturally and get back to the golf course.  Additionally Dr. Martin is great at asking questions to better understand the symptoms and causes of the injury.  Furthermore he gives his patients aftercare instruction so that they can participate with their own recovery.  I would highly recommend Dr. Martin for any person who is very active for help with either an injury or for general spinal health and maintenance.

Vanessa M.


Dr. Fysh is amazing! World-famous instructor and lecturer has his private practice in Los Altos, CA.       

I lucked out by knowing one of his students, who suggested I see him.

For 40 years I'd suffered with migraines and arthritis.

What he can't cure, he certainly can help to relieve.

R S. Texas


Dr. Fysh is great.  I really recommend him.   I've received his help for the last 5 years.  I was highly skeptical of chiropractic care prior to seeing Dr. Fysh.  However, after seeing the fantastic results from my friend who was considering surgery at Stanford Hospital, I decided to check it out.  I am glad that I did.

He's very knowledgeable with muscle groups and how the muscles work together with bones.  The list of problems he's solved for me is long - knee, back, sinus.  he's great with kids too.  Take your family down to him if you are anywhere close to the area.

Craig O.


We've been going to Dr. Fysh for the past 5+ years.  He is an absolutely amazing chiropractor.  We started going when trying to cure our daughter's ear infections without antibiotics.  Then I went all through my second pregnancy.  I have been bringing my son to see Dr. Fysh since he was 4 weeks old.  I believe because of all the adjustments during my second pregnancy, my second labor was quick, easy and completely natural. In fact when kids get sick, instead of going to see our pediatrician we go see Dr. Fysh instead.  He is very, very attentive and knowledgeable.  He has great insights into healthy lifestyle, nutrition, etc.  Kids absolutely love going there, it's like a play date for them.

Julia S.


My 6 month son was born with a cephalohematoma i.e. misshapen head likely due to my tough labor and delivery. The doctors all said that his head would mold back into place, but it never did. In addition, our baby was having neck issues and digestive problems. We were referred to Dr Fysh and were so glad someone could help our little boy. The very first appointment, he treated my son, who during treatment fell asleep in the doctor's arms. I've never seen him so relaxed. Dr. Fysh has been great with him. He is wonderful with children--he knows how to keep them occupied and sings to them to help them relax.  I would recommend him as the best pediatric chiropractor in the area.  He has also written books on the area of pediatrics, so he definitely knows his stuff.  I would say he is probably one of the most reputable pediatric chiropractors in the country.

Jenn W.


Dr. Fysh is a great Chiropractor.  He is the only doctor that has been able to make a sustainable improvement in the pain I was  experiencing from hip arthritis.  Not only are his methods effective, but he does a great job of explaining what he is doing and why.  He also explains likely causes of your various aches and pains and what movements to avoid.   He helped me get back to an active lifestyle.



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