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     Jenny was 3 years of age  with a history of ear infections. The problem had been a difficult one since the first year of her life. Frequent ear aches and six trips to the emergency room in just the past 5 months was straining her parents' patience, not to mention the effect it was having on young Jenny. Consistent courses of different antibiotics had not been able to correct her problem and now tube surgery was being considered.

     At the recommendation of some friends, Jenny's parents took her to the chiropractor. They were a little hesitant at first, not knowing what type of treatment chiropractic had to offer for young children. The chiropractor took some time in examining young Jenny and finally explained that the cause of the problem appeared to be a malfunction in the lymphatic drainage system in her neck; which was apparently caused by a subluxation (a stuck joint causing nerve compression) in the child's neck. The chiropractor discussed the treatment program with the parents, explaining that it involves a short course of gentle adjustments of their daughter's spine, followed by some light soft tissue work to get the lymph ducts flowing adequately. The parents seemed happy with this treatment option, since the antibiotics had not been able to correct the problem and because they would rather not have their daughter undergo surgery for the tubes.

     After Jenny's first chiropractic treatment, the problem appeared to be improving. At her follow-up visit, two days later, her earache has gone. One month later, there was still no re-occurrence.

     Jenny's is an actual case chosen from the files of the many children who have had seemingly "miracle cures" for chronic ear infections.

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