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      Sally was concerned. Her new two month old baby son, Brendan, did not seem to be the normal, happy and contented baby that she had hoped for. He cried a lot; sometimes for 6 or 7 hours each day, especially in the evenings.  It seemed that nothing Sally did to comfort him would help. She had tried feeding him, changing his diaper, cuddling and rocking him, putting him to bed, but nothing seemed to help.

     When Sally took her baby to the pediatrician, the problem was identified as infantile colic, a problem common to newborns in the first few months of life. Sally was advised to watch her diet, as she was breast-feeding Brendan, to avoid rich and spicy foods and to burp him regularly during feeding. This she did as advised but still her baby continued to cry for hours each day.

     Sally and her husband Bob were getting little sleep and the whole house was affected by the baby's condition. When Bob visited his chiropractor on the way home from work one afternoon, for his regular spinal adjustment, he happened to mention their baby's plight to the doctor. "Why don't you bring Brendan in and let me examine his spine", said the chiropractor. "His colic may be related to a problem in his spine". At this point, Bob and Sally were looking for any alternative to help their baby.

     The following day Sally took her baby to the chiropractor to have his spine examined. The doctor evaluated Brendan's spine and found two areas which needed to be corrected. A couple of light, finger-tip adjustments and the job was done. "How could my baby have spinal problems at his young age", Sally asked. "Well", said the chiropractor, "it can often be the trauma from a difficult birth, a long labor or perhaps even the way we burp the baby or pick the baby up from the crib, that produces spinal problems at such a young age."

     The following day, Brendan was somewhat better. Sally took him to the chiropractor again for a further adjustment, similar to the one performed the previous day. Three days after Brendan's first spinal adjustment, Sally just couldn't believe how much her son had improved. He now slept like a baby, only cried when he was hungry or wet, and was once again the perfect baby that Sally knew he was. And Bob slept happily ever after.

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